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Location of Cemetery

  Last Up Dated:   April 7, 2011

   The Little Rushton Cemetery is located at 1576 Kolbec Road RR#1, Kolbec, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, Canada. The GPS location is 45N 46.237 / 063W 48.509 it's 2 miles north of Oxford, Nova Scotia. Take the Trans Canada Highway RT 2, from Amherst, Nova Scotia and get off at exit number 6. Turn left on to Main Street, Oxford, NS. Stay on this road 5 miles it will turn into Kolbec Road. The cemetery will be on your right side of the road next to a white cottage. To see photos of persons and graves click on "Who's Buried Here - Photos"  to your left. To see a list of names and other information of people buried here see below "Who's Buried Here".

History of the Cemetery

   This small family cemetery dates back to about 1830. The land records date back to about 1811. The land of 400 acres was granted to Jacob Benjimen of Horton, Kings County, Nova Scotia by the Crown (King George the III) in 1811. It appears that Mr. Benjimen recieved 100 more acres that ajoined his property prevously granted to Thomas McKim. There are no records proving that Mr. Benjimen ever lived or cultivated the land. He sold the 400 plus the 100 acres of land to William Pipes III of Napan, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, on October 3, 1816 for 5 pounds Nova Scotia money. William (my great, great, great grandfather) was a well to do farmer, lumber mill owner, teacher and a merchant . He was the son of English parents by the names of William Pipes Jr., and Elizabeth Oldfield. He also pruchassed land a couple of lots over earlier in 1815.

  After William Pipes III died c1830 he left his land (no last will and testament has been found) to his widowed wife, Elizabeth Jane Pipes nee Rushton possible the daughter of Peter and Hannah Rushton. He also left two very small children fatherless. They were Elizabeth "Liby" and Jane. The Widowed Pipes saved the land for her daughters when they came of age and married. Jane Pipes married an English seamen by the name of William Pearson c1850. Liby Pipes married William Hunter Rushton in 1852.    

   On June 1, 1862 the family sold a portion of their land, 55 acres toVolentine Wood of Oxford, Nova Scotia for the sum of 21 pounds and 15 shillings. This was also where the cemetery was located and where the family was living at the time. Why it was sold and why they remained on the land is not known and no other records give any data telling us why. But oddly enough when Volentine Wood died in the 1880's he willed his estate to his sons, Rufus Wood and John W. Wood. On September 4, 1906 Rusus Wood returned the 55 acres plus 5 more acres to the family (Elizabeth "Liby" Rushton nee Pipes) for no recorded price. Liby signed the property over to her son Timothy Weatherbee Rushton that same year. When Timothy died in 1928 he willed his property to his wife Nancy Jane Rushton nee Rushton. When Nancy died in 1952 she left no last will and testament and the land was put up for auction by the county in 1961. John W. Henley purchassed the 60 acres and sold portions of the land. One of these portions was the land in witch the cemetery is located on. G. Marsh Fox and Gerald L. Bird purchassed it on December 18, 1967. They didn't know at the time that there was a cemetery on the property. After some 30 years Scott C. Miller purchassed the one acre and a quarter lot of land on November 13, 1997. He had made a visit to Nova Scotia from Las Vegas, Nevada and saw the poor condition of the cemetery that many of his family were buried in. So he purchassed the property and began restoration of The Little Rushton Cemetery. The cemetery size is about 6000 square feet more or less.


Who is Buried Here - Index of Names

William Hunter Rushton

Occupation:   Lumbermen / Farmer

b. March 13, 1817  d. 1894  77 yrs.

Son of Daniel James Rushton and Maregaret Letitia Hunter.

Husband of Elizabeth "Liby" H. Pipes.

(Family Headstone)

Elizabeth "Liby" H. Pipes

b. October 23, 1824  d. December 22, 1916  92 yrs.

Buried: December 24, 1916

Daughter of William Pipes III and Elizabeth Jane Rushton.

Wife of William Hunter Rushton.

Timothy Weatherbee Rushton

Occupation: Lumbermen

b. March 28, 1853  d. September 1, 1928  76 yrs.

Buried on September 3, 1928

Cause of death:  Heart Failure

Son of William Hunter Rushton and Elizabeth "Liby" H. Pipes.

Husband of Nancy Jane Rushton.

(Family Headstone) Please note that on Tim's headstone it says he died in 1929. This year is incorrect.


The Oxford Journal, Oxford, Nova Scotia September 13, 1928

There died at his home in Kolbec, Saturday, September 1, 1928. Mr. Timothy Rushton at age 75 years. Rev. Ernest J. Myatt, The Pastor of the Church of the Nazarene, conducted the burial service on Monday, September 3rd, after a few remarks about the life of the deceased and his preparation and even desire to go. Mr. Myatt spoke for a time from James 4:14 "For What Is Your Life?" After speaking of seriouaness, the fraitliy, the brevity, and the uncertainly of life he concluded his remarks with an exbortation for all persons to prepare for the coming change. The hymns were, "The Sympathing Jesus", and "We Shall Gather At The River". Mr. Rushton is mourned by his wife and one sister, Mrs. Daniel (Margaret) Rushton. The remains were buried in a private cemetery near his home. There were many floral wreaths and bouquest, which spoke of the esteeme with which the deceased was held.

Nancy Jane Rushton

b. January 24, 1867  d. May 10, 1952  85 yrs.

Buried on May 12, 1952

Daughter of Charles Wesley Rushton and Clarissa Rushton.

Husband of Timothy Weatherbee Rushton.

(Family Headstone)


The Oxford Journal, Oxford, Nova Scotia, May of 1952

   Mrs. Nancy Rushton, widow of the late Timothy Rushton of Kolbec, passed away May 10th at 3:00 A.M. at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Ross, Upper Foundry Street after a lingering illness which she bore with Christian fortitude. She was tendley and lovingly cared for by Mr. & Mrs. Ross.

   The funeral was held Monday, May 12th at 2:00 P.M. at the Church of the Nazarene, Rev. Mr. Burgess was in charge of the service. The hymns sung were all favorites of "Aunt Nancy's", "The Last Mile Away" and "The Sweet By and By" and Mr. Burgess read "The Land Where We Never Grow Old". A duet, "My Home Sweet Home" was rendered as a token of their love for "Aunt Nancy", by Juanita MacPherson and Mrs. Norman Dobson. Rev. Mr. Burgess spoke words of comfort to the mourners and friends from 1 cor 5.3 "Absent from the Body, present with the Lord". Telling of the assurance Aunt Nancy had a home prepared for her by Jesus her saviour who she loved. Closing his message with question to all present "Are You Ready?".

   The burial was at the Kolbec Cemetery, Mr. Frank Black was the Funeral Director. She is survived by a nuber of nices, including Miss Violet Simpson, who has made her home with Aunt Nancy since childhood. The pall beares were, Noble Dobson, Ralph Nichols, Angus Rushton, Hance Rushton, Stanley Rushton, and Albert Rushton.

   The floral offering were as follows:

Pillows - Lizzie, Ernest and Harry Ross; Norman and Margaret Dobson; Marie MacPherson and family.

Sprays - The Penticostal Asembly of Oxford; The Church of the Nazarene; Mr. & Mrs. John Henley and family; Harold, Dorothy and family; Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Tait; Mr. & Mrs. B. Fitzsimmons; Mr. & Mrs. Dewy Miller and Family; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Nichols and family; Mr. & Mrs. Lurie Henley.

Cut Flowers - Noble, Della and family; Aubrey and Dorothy, Sherman and Dasey.

Baskets - The MacMaster family; Mrs. John King; Edna and Geta; Mr. & Mrs. Eligah Miller; Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Rushton; Mr.& Mrs. George Rushton; Mr. & Mrs. James Hudson and family; Janet and Albert.

"It may be today, or tomorrow

Soon it will surley be

Then past are the tears and sarrow

Then home forever with me"

Margaret Rebecca Rushton

b. October 21 1831  d. March 4, 1873  41 yrs.

Cause of death:  Consumption

Daughter of Daniel James Rushton and Margaret Letitia Hunter.

Wife of Henry Britton Rushton.

(Headstone) Please note her headstone has her death year as 1878 and her age at 42 yrs. This is incorrect.

Mary Ann Rushton

b. June 23, 1835  d. March 8, 1899  63 yrs.

Daughter of Danile James Rushton and Margaret Letitia Hunter.

Wife of  unknown Rushton and her second husband was Henry Britton Rushton.

(Headstone) Please note that Mary Ann might have been 10 years older then what records show. On the headstone it says she was 74 years old. She was a widow when she married Henry.

Henry Britton Rushton

Occupation: Farmer / Lay Preacher

b. October 10, 1829  d. April 7, 1916  86 yrs.

Son of John Rushton and Phoebe Webb.

Husband of Margaret Rebecca Rushton, Mary Ann Rushton and Ann (Read) Fuller.

(Aluminum Plate Marker and Grante) New as of August 31, 2006


Truro Daily News, Truro, Colchester County, Nova Scotia

April 19, 1916  Page 2  Column 3


   Mr. Henry B. Rushton, a well known and highly respected citizen, passed away at Oxford Apri1 7. He had been confined to his bed for the past six months and died at the home of his youngest daughter, Mrs. Margaret Ross, where he received the most tender care.

   The deceased at one time preached as Baptist minister but he gave up this sacred profession on account of ill heath.

   Mr. Rushton was born in Upper Canada in 1828. He went to United States after laboring there for some time he returned to his native land and married a Miss Margaret Rebecca Rushton. She died leaving, him with a large family, among them an infant of two months. After a number of years he married again, when all the family had grown he was saddened by the death of his second wife, in grown up. He was again made sad the course of time he wedded his third wife, who also died in a short time.

   Mr . Rushton has left eight children, Mrs. Rufus Miller, Mrs. Margaret Ross, and Daniel and Harvey Rushton of Oxford; Mrs. Campbell Miller and Mrs. Manford Towers of Amherst; Henry and John Rushton of Londonderry.

   A beautiful wreath of cut flowers with the word "Grandfather" in purple letters was placed on the casket by the grandchildren.

   Rev. P. R. Hayden of Oxford Baptist Church conducted the funeral service. The interment was made in the Kolbec Cemetery.

(Amherst Papers please copy)



Edgar "Peggy Ed" William Rushton

Occupation: Lumbermen

b. April 25, 1895  d. February 14, 1947  51 yrs.

Cause of death:  Broken Neck / Thrown from a truck.

Buried on February 17, 1947

Son of Amasa Lemule Rushton and Malinda Lacrisa Pearson.

Husband of Frances Lewis.

(Aluminum Plate Marker) Please note that Edgar's name appears on  hois wife's headstone at Pine Grove Cemetery in Oxford, NS. However his remains are buried here.


The Oxford Journal, Oxford, Nova Scotia

February 20, 1947   (FRONT PAGE)

Edgar Rushton Loses Life When Thrown From Truck

   Death came suddenly to Edgar William Rushton of Birchwood last Friday night when he sustained a broken neck and a fractured thigh. The deceased, with Carl Miller and John Elden "Egan" Embree, both of Stallarton, were proceeding towards Hudson's Corner in Embree's truck when the vehicle struck a washout in the road and went out of control. The impact threw open the door of the truck and Rushton was thrown out on the frozen surface of the road. He died instantly. The truck went into a ditch. Carl Miller sustained a broken nose, while Embree owner and driver of the truck, was uninjured. The accident took place at the foot of Henry Adshae's hill near the home of Ervin Sutherland, at about 7:30.

   Dr. J. E. Park, Dr. H. R. Roby, Chief of Police Lawrence Norman of Oxford and Cpl. Steinhauer of Springhill were called to the scene of the accident. After medical examination they reached the conclusion that the death had been instantaneous. The injured man was given attention. The police made measurements of the distance the truck had travelled after striking the washout and the position of the body.

   Cpl. Steinhauer notifed Coroner P. J. Terrio of Joggins of the tragedy and an inquest was ordered for Saturday. The body was removed to Black's Funeral Home in Oxford.

   A jury composed of Charles I. MacNab, foreman, Kensel Mitchell, Leon H. Thompson, John A MacDonald, Edmond Burke, Corey Moore, Peter M. MacLean, Reginald Hardie, Thomas Murphy, Noble Dobson, John F. Hudson and Basil Wood was selected Saturday morning and carried out an inquiry into the fatality inder the direction of P. J. Terrio, coroner, Cpl. Steinhauer and A. R. Lusby, Crown prosecuter, Amherst, representing the Attorney-General's Department.

   Witnesses testifying were E. A. Owens of Rockly, who had been a passenger in the truck earlier that day, John Elden Embree, driver of the truck, Carl Miller, who was also in the truck at the time of the accident, Borden Fountain and Leonard Hardie, Westchester, who came along shortly after the accident occurred, Jim McDonald and Ervin Sutherland, who live near the scene of the accident, Dr. J. E. Par, Carmen Park, Cpl. Steinhauer and Chief of Police Norman.

   The jury visited the scene of the accident Saturday morning and later viewed the remains at Black's Funeral Home. Nearly all afternoon was taken to hear the evidence of eleven witnesses. The evidence showed that the fatal truck had made two trips to Springhill Liquor Store the day of the accident for beer. Serveral witnesses testified that the occupants of the truck had been drinking. Police officers told of finding unopened bottles of beer at the scene of the accident. Cpl. Steinhauser gave evidence that when he reached the scene of the accident Embree the driver of the truck was not in sight and did not make his appearance until at least two hours later. Cpl. Steinhauser and other witnesses stated they detected the ordor of liquor on Embree's breath.

   The taking of evidence was concluded at 5:30 and about 6 o'clock the jury brought in the following verdict:

"We the jury empanelled to inqire into the circumstances suround the death of Edgar William Rushton, a resident of Birchwood, find that the deceased came to hid death by being thrown from a truck which struck a water course rut across highway. Contributing to the disaster there is evidence that the driver was under the influence of liquor.

   Jury foreman C. I. MacNab believed the verdict was unanimous, but when the coroner P. J. Terrio called on the jurymen to sing the verdict, two members John F. Hudson and Basil Wood refused to sign unless the last part of the verdict was changed to read "the driver was slightly under the influence of liquor".

   Although not positive of the law in this respect Crown Prosecuter Lusby believed that it was not necessary to have an unanimous decision in the coroner's inquest. Coroner Terrio was of the opinion that the jurymen should have settled the matter before bringing in their verdict. However the verdict was accepted, with the two jurymen still refusing to sign.

   Edgar Rushton had been living in the outskirts of Oxford at Birchwood for several years. And previous to that lived at Streets Ridge, Kolbec and otherparts of Cumberland. He was the son of the late Mr. & Mrs. Amasa Rushton. He is survived by his wife and four small children, the youngest being but a few months old. The funeral was conducted on Monday afternoon from Black's Funeral Home and was largely attended.

   In his youth Mr. Rushton lost the use of one leg which was later amputated at the knee. He was well known throughout the county, his cherry disposition winning him many friends who are saddened by his tragic passing.

Charles Wesley Rushton

Occupation: Lumbermen

b. May 14, 1842  d. November 12, 1908  66 yrs.

Buried on November 14, 1908

Son of Daniel James Rushton and Margaret Letitia Hunter.

Husband of Clarissa Rushton.


Ruby E. Simpson

b. September 30, 1971  d. November 6, 1902  31 yrs.

Cause of death: Consumption

Buried on November 8, 1902

Daughter of Charles Wesley Rushton and Clarissa Rushton.

Wife of Robert Simpson.

(Marker) Please note that Ruby's name appears on her husband's gravestone at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, NS. However her remains are buried here.

Eliza Jane Miller

b. About 1854  d. June 18, 1920  66 yrs.

Buried on June 22, 1920

Daughter of James Rodgers.

Wife of John Nelson Miller.


John Nelson Miller

Occupation: Farmer

b. About 1853  d. December 20, 1921  68 yrs.

Buried on December 22, 1921

Son of William M. Miller, Sr., and Hannah H. Rushton.

Husband of Eliza Jane Rodgers.


Carson Ross

9 month old son of Robert Nicholas Ross and Margaret "Maggie" Rushton.

(No Marker)

Baby Ross

Infant baby of Robert Nicholas Ross and Margart "Maggie" Rebecca Rushton.

Sandford Purcy Rushton

b. October 6, 1900  d. July 14, 1901  8 months old.

Buried on July 15, 1901

Cause of death: Consumption

Baby son of Gideon Rushton and Martha Weatherbee.


Baby Rushton

b. ????  d. July 18, 1903

Buried on July 19, 1903

Child of James W. Rushton and Esther Miller

(No Marker)

Baby (male) Rushton

b. July 17, 1903  d. July 22, 1903  5 days old.

Buried on July 23, 1903

Son of Lorenzo Dow Rushton and Annie McNeil.

(No Marker)

(Others Believed to be Buried Here)

Daniel James Rushton

b. Ocotber 15, 1789  d. October 1857  68 yrs.

Occupation: Farmer

Possible the son of Peter Rushton and Hannah.

Husband of Margaret Letitia Hunter.


Margaret Letitia Rushton

b. Marhc 23, 1790  d. May 7, 1862  73 yrs.

Daughter of William Hunter and Letitia Thomlinson.

Wife of Daniel James Rushton.


Elizabeth Jane Pipes

b. About 1787  d. 1877-81

Possible the daughter of Peter Rushton and Hannah.

Wife of William Pipes III.


William Pipes III

Occupation:  Farmer / Lumber Mill Owner

b. October 2, 1777   d. About 1830

Son of William Pipes, Jr. and Elizabeth Oldfield.

Husband of Elizabeth Jane Rushton.


Norman Rushton

b.  ????  d. February (Saturday) 1899

Son of Lorenzo Dow Rushton and Annie McNeil.


Obituary in The Oxford Journal, Oxford, Nova Scotia, Wednesday, March 1, 1899

   Norman, the little son of Mr. & Mrs. Lorenzo Rushton died of inflamation of the brain on Saturday morning last. The little fellow was only sick for 10 days.

Flora Rushton

b.  July 1, 1875  d.  About 1896 age 21 yrs

Cause of death:  Typhoid

Daughter of Gideon Rushton and Martha Weatherbee.

(No Marker)

Hensford "Hants" Rushton

b.  About 1880  d.  About 1899

Cause of death: Typhoid

Son of Gideon Rushton and Martha Weatherbee.

(No Marker)

Willis (child) Rushton

b.  ????  d. ????

Son of Gideon Rushton and Martha Weatherbee.

(No Marker)


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